Willy-nilly, travel crates changes in our food diet pattern. Since water and food can always be considered as source of pollution, selecting of food in trip accurately and observing hygienic and sanitary principles in providing and consuming food will help us prevent from food poisoning and problems as a result of food pollutions. Given the above issue, let’s experience a memorable trip.

Health of Drinking Water:

  • Use standard bottles of mineral water for drinking water, otherwise, boil water before drinking ALWAYS.
  • Boiling is the best way for eradication of bacteria in water.
  • Boil water and it is alone for a period of one minute.
  • Let water to be cooled in temperature of room.
    If the above cases are observed, bacteria and parasites, causing diarrhea, will be removed.

In higher heights (exceeding 2,000 meters), water is boiled in low temperature. Therefore, eradication of microbes in water will be diminished. In this state, keep water boiling for at least 3-5 minutes.

  • Adding a partial o salt to each liter of water or pouring it from a clean container to another container will boost taste of water favorably.
  • Avoid adding ice cube to water especially in places where you are not confident on safety of water.
  • Avoid brushing your teeth with non- drinkable and non- sanitary water.

Health and Safety of Foodstuff:

  • Want to go restaurant, select clean, tidy and crowded restaurant ALWAYS. Never ever buy foods from street vendors.
  • Always, wash your hand with water and soap before eating.
  • Eat only the foods which have been cooked completely. Avoid eating half- cooked foods especially meat. If meat is grilled in thick or in large size, its central part may not be cooked or grilled well and this issue will cause outbreak of dangerous and risky diseases.
  • Eating and consuming vegetables and salad is not recommended in restaurant.
  • If possible, consume the fruits that you have peeled.
  • Additional food should be put in refrigerator immediately. Never ever let food to be cooled in temperature of room.
  • To reheat food, be confident that all its parts especially its central part has been warmed completely.
  • To store food, always keep cooked foods separated from raw foods, otherwise, pollution is transmitted from raw to cooked foods easily.
  • Risky- prone foods will increase food poisoning which include chicken, egg, red meat, milk and fish
  • Be confident from healthy condition of materials and well cooking of food always.

Travelling Diarrhea:

Diagnosed with diarrhea while travelling is the main problem of most travelers or passengers afflict with eating contaminated food or drinking polluted water. However, most passengers are diagnosed with diarrhea while travelling. This problem can be observed mostly among youth and young strata. People who consume anti-acid drugs are more susceptible to diarrhea. Diarrhea observed during travel is healed mostly after three to seven days even without any treatment but a small number of travelers are diagnosed with continuation of diarrhea.

Consuming pasteurized yogurt is useful for preventing from diarrhea, because, yogurt contains useful bacteria which can substitute in intestine and reduces growth of pathogenic bacteria.

What Should One Do during Diarrhea?

  • If you can, refer to physician before undergoing self therapy?
  • Since diarrhea wards off water and electrolytes especially potassium and magnesium from body, use liquids as much as possible. Use ORS solution in severe diarrhea.
  • Under such circumstances, it is recommended to eat chicken soup with steamed rice, crispy biscuit and fruits like banana.
  • During diarrhea, avoid consumption of milk and fatty foods.
  • Since a large volume of water is wasted from body of children during diarrhea, try to give them soup, diluted puree, etc. Never ever cut breastfeeding while infants are diagnosed with diarrhea.

Some Nutritional Advices for Passengers:

  • Eat breakfast everyday completely, including high- protein food such as egg, cheese and pasteurized milk.
  • Never ever omit breakfast from your diet, because, if nothing is eaten during breakfast, your blood pressure and efficiency will reduce considerably.
  • Lack of consuming fruits, vegetables, salad, cereals, etc. in the course of travel will cause outbreak of some problems such as constipation. If fruit and vegetable are not used during travel, body necessary vitamins like “A”, “b” and “C” will reduce.
  • Buy vegetables for eating and also vegetables for making salad yourself. After being ensured of their disinfection, then, you are allowed to eat them.
  • Consumption of dairies such as milk may be reduced in travel which will incur irreparable loss to the health condition of people especially breastfeeding mothers and the elderly.
  • Daily consumption of at least two cups of milks or pasteurized yogurt is highly recommended.
  • Never ever use readymade foods such as sandwich, pizza, hamburger, snack, etc. as much as possible, because, these foods have usually been fried which contain various types of fatty sauces.
  • For preparing readymade foods, oil may be heated for repeated times and/or oil may be used that is exposed to detrimental or oxidized temperature. However, consumption of these foods are not recommended.
  • Try to consume and d rink dough (yogurt drink) during lunch and dinner instead of carbonated soft drinks.
  • Avoid gluttony and overeating or overusing junk foods and snacks. Do not forget walking and motivation. It is observed that many passengers have gained weight while they have returned from travel.

Let’s experience a pleasurable and enjoyable trip along with health with observing proper nutrition, hygienic and sanitary principles.